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Experiencing Anxiety

Experiencing Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety can be painful. Tightness in our chest, racing thoughts in our mind, and feelings of overwhelm that can spread throughout our whole body.  When it evolves into a panic attack or robs us of sleep, it leaves us feeling achy and tired all day. Anxiety is often a physically and emotionally painful experience. […]

Parenting Insecurities

Parenting Insecurities

Feelings of insecurity can be overwhelming and all-consuming. As a parent, one of the most difficult feelings of insecurity was not being enough as a parent. This fear has taken on many different iterations over the course of parenting. I remember dropping my kids off at preschool, I’d look around at the other put-together Moms […]

Holding on to Expectations

Holding on to Expectations

When my kids started elementary school I had idyllic expectations that we’d ride bikes to school. The school is about half a mile away, making it just long enough to be a little tough for kindergartners and myself with a preschooler also in tow. But that was NOT going to stop me. I highly valued […]

Parenthood: Embracing the Support

Asking for Help as a Parent

For years I suffered in steamy silence. It’s difficult to ask for help. So when I did, I was probably close to a breaking point. The stakes were really high and if my partner let me down, I’d tell myself, “This is why I can’t ask for help.” I came into marriage and parenting with […]

Parenting through burnout

 Parenting Through Burnout

I am a therapist and I love my job. I love helping people get in touch with and express their deep emotions. When my kids were small and I was in burnout, it was so hard to do the same for my kids and spouse. Parenting At times it felt impossible and I was totally […]

Trying Harder

Mindfulness: Navigating Life’s Challenges

Before I had an ounce of mindfulness in my life, when things got tough my instinct was to push harder, do more, speed up, even if those responses made no sense. About five years ago I had to let go of a nanny because they were stealing from us. The morning I was planning to […]


Stuck in Rigidity

Flexible Mind Vs. Rigid Mind For most of my life, when I have gotten upset, overwhelmed, or struggled in one way or another emotionally I became more rigid about things.  For example, the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of my house becomes a really BIG deal and all of a sudden, “It MUST be cleaned NOW!” […]



Why do meditation teachers talk about impermanence? Meditation teachers talk a lot about the idea of impermanence. Seasons change, life changes, good and bad things come and then go. Nothing remains constant, and emotions, too, are not enduring states. Recognizing this is helpful. Some of our greatest pain comes from the feeling that painful feelings […]

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