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Struggling to be Present

Struggling to be present amidst life’s chaos? For most of my life, I lived with my mind in the past or the future, with only fleeting moments in the present. I would be stuck in thoughts of, I should or shouldn’t have, why did I, what if … etc. I ruminated about everything that had […]

Overcoming Parenting Triggers when Feeling Stuck

Most mornings, things moved quickly in my house with five of us trying to get ready and get out the door to work or school. I was often tired and running low on energy and patience from a lack of sleep and having too much on my plate. As the clock ticked down and time […]

I’m In the Negative Thought Spiral

When I have conflicts with my partner, my thoughts can get very negative and unhelpful. This has improved a lot after doing Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy but can still happen if a raw spot gets triggered.  Before couples therapy, I would almost immediately get caught in black-and-white thinking during a conflict with my partner, but […]

Sibling Fights

Playful Parenting: Navigating Sibling Fights

When I see my kids fighting it’s hard not to get caught in reactive anger and just try to shut it down at any cost. These are the people I love most in the world and I am in charge of keeping them safe, so when they go at each other it’s painful. In reactive […]

Flipping the Script on your Child’s Behavior:

Is My Child Being Bad or Just Having a Hard Time When referring to a child’s behavior, in our culture, we often say, “They are such a good kid.” Which sounds nice but it also insinuates that there are bad kids. Maybe you were thinking, “Yes there are bad kids, I can think of a […]

Parenting Challenges

Parenting Challenges:

When We Love Our Kids BUT Struggle to Like Them We all have parenting challenges. One of the most painful parts of my burnout phase was the negative, blaming thoughts and fears I had about my kids. When they were having a hard time, instead of being able to keep in perspective that they were […]

Embracing Guilt

Embracing Guilt

For several years, I was stuck in depression and burnout, leaving me regularly on edge and rigid about almost everything. Sadly, my rough edges came most out with the people I least wanted to hurt, my partner and kids. I couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt. Over time I came to see the destructive […]

Shame & Anger

Shame and Anger

Shame is a powerful emotion. I experienced shame that was like falling into a dark, scary and what felt like an inescapable hole. As I was learning how to avoid yelling at or around my kids, I would pause when I noticed I was triggered.  Sounds great right? One problem, I would immediately fall into […]

Experiencing Anxiety

Experiencing Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety can be painful. Tightness in our chest, racing thoughts in our mind, and feelings of overwhelm that can spread throughout our whole body.  When it evolves into a panic attack or robs us of sleep, it leaves us feeling achy and tired all day. Anxiety is often a physically and emotionally painful experience. […]

Parenting Insecurities

Parenting Insecurities

Feelings of insecurity can be overwhelming and all-consuming. As a parent, one of the most difficult feelings of insecurity was not being enough as a parent. This fear has taken on many different iterations over the course of parenting. I remember dropping my kids off at preschool, I’d look around at the other put-together Moms […]

Holding on to Expectations

Holding on to Expectations

When my kids started elementary school I had idyllic expectations that we’d ride bikes to school. The school is about half a mile away, making it just long enough to be a little tough for kindergartners and myself with a preschooler also in tow. But that was NOT going to stop me. I highly valued […]

Parenthood: Embracing the Support

Asking for Help as a Parent

For years I suffered in steamy silence. It’s difficult to ask for help. So when I did, I was probably close to a breaking point. The stakes were really high and if my partner let me down, I’d tell myself, “This is why I can’t ask for help.” I came into marriage and parenting with […]

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