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Second Arrow

In my recovery from parenting burnout, I learned an invaluable truth. That when I was struggling, it wasn’t because I […]

Managing Stress Amidst the Riptide of Emotions

It’s often easy to be unaware of our stress levels, how much stress we carry and how it is impacting […]

Perfectionism is Sly, Crafty, & Cunning

For years, I did not admit that I was a perfectionist. I saw people I loved strangled by perfectionism, and […]

Social Support for Depression

Depression is uniquely painful for its ability to keep us in isolation.  Depression is like a dark cunning character in […]

Struggling to be Present

Struggling to be present amidst life’s chaos? For most of my life, I lived with my mind in the past […]

Overcoming Parenting Triggers when Feeling Stuck

Most mornings, things moved quickly in my house with five of us trying to get ready and get out the […]

I’m In the Negative Thought Spiral

When I have conflicts with my partner, my thoughts can get very negative and unhelpful. This has improved a lot […]

Sibling Fights

Playful Parenting: Navigating Sibling Fights

When I see my kids fighting it’s hard not to get caught in reactive anger and just try to shut […]

Flipping the Script on your Child’s Behavior:

Is My Child Being Bad or Just Having a Hard Time When referring to a child’s behavior, in our culture, […]

Parenting Challenges

Parenting Challenges:

When We Love Our Kids BUT Struggle to Like Them We all have parenting challenges. One of the most painful […]

Embracing Guilt

Embracing Guilt

For several years, I was stuck in depression and burnout, leaving me regularly on edge and rigid about almost everything. […]

Shame & Anger

Shame and Anger

Shame is a powerful emotion. I experienced shame that was like falling into a dark, scary and what felt like […]

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